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If you have any information regarding this case, please call us. It is strictly confidential.

"Thank you for calling today. You have reached the free and confidential tip line regarding the wrongful conviction of Rodney Lincoln for the murder of Joann Tate and the assault on her two daughters that occurred at 1418 Farrar in north St. Louis, MO on April 27, 1982. Any and all information is welcome. We are looking for information that will help us prove Rodney's innocence and bring the true perpetrator of these horrible crimes to justice. Please know that no detail is too small. No piece of information is unimportant. If you would like to be contacted please leave your name and contact number in your message. If you would like more information regarding this case please visit our website at Thank you for having the courage to call today. Please know you are not alone. We thank you and we appreciate you. Please leave your message at the tone."