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NEW! Motion for Rehearing is Overruled and Motion to Transfer to Supreme Court is denied - 11/22/2016

Motion for Rehearing or Transfer - 10/26/2016

Innocence Claim Not Enough In Non-Death Penalty Case - 10/11/2016

Lincoln Opinion - 10/11/2016

Reply to Response to Show to Cause Order - 8/1/2016

Motion to Expedite - 7/13/2016

Lincoln Petition for Habeas Corpus (WDMO)- 7/12/2016

Press Release Regarding WDMO Appeal - 7/12/2016

Press Release Regarding Judge Green's Denial of Habeas Petition - 6/17/2016

Order Denying Petition for Habeas Corpus - 6/16/2016

Lincoln Reply to Response to Show to Cause Order - 2/22/2016

State's Response to Order to Show Cause - 1/22/2016

Motion for rehearing and/or transfer to the Missouri Supreme Court - Habeas Corpus - 12/17/2014

Appellant's Reply Brief - 11/4/2014

• The state responded on 10/20/2014
You can read the state's brief here.

• Laura O'Sullivan and Kay Lincoln will be on A Just Cause (AJC) Radio Show on 11/4/2014

• Oral Arguments are scheduled for 11/18/2014 at 10:30am

• The state has been granted a 2nd extention until 10/17/2014

• The state has been granted an extension of time to file their brief and it is due on September 19, 2014

Family Wants 82' murder conviction overturned
KSDK 12/26/2013

DNA results do not prove innocence, judge rules in gruesome St. Louis murder case
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/26/2013

Judge's written decision denying appeal

Appellant Brief filed by MIP 7/22/2014

Introduction to the Appellant Brief